Sunday, November 05, 2006

News Flash : Carrying Simulated C4 and Detonator Aboard Plane Apparently Completely Different from Carrying ACTUAL C4 and Detonator Aboard Plane

I fly tomorrow and suddenly remember how fucking moronically unsafe flying can be. Or maybe it's the people running airport security. I can't remember which.

I used to worry that someone on board could have a bomb. No sense worrying about that anymore. They can:
Note that this is a followup to the main story in which the guy claimed to use live C4. Here he clarifies that it was a simulation of a bomb, with simulated C4 and a simulated detonator.

In fact, the whole "recanting" is full of contradictions and bullshit:

1. "He said the airport x-ray machines detected no explosives on his person “because (the materials I brought in) were not real.”

Ok, small problem: x-ray machines don't know the difference between live C4 and a mass of equal density and resistance to radiation. A lump of the right clay and a lump of C4 look all the same to an x-ray machine. Except of course, that us, as the mindless fucking citizenry of the world, are not special gov't consultants whom are suddenly backpedaling our asses off.

2. “If you try to bring in fakes, that’s a useless training. I didn’t bring these to test airport security ... They (the materials) were on my person. But these are not illegal. Clay is not illegal.”

And neither is contact lens solution, hand-cream or hair gel fucktard. A lump of fucking playdough with a fake blastic cap attached to it. Oh sure, they could tell just from the bulge created in your clothing they were fake. Oh, and I'm glad that he mentioned that the materials were on his person. Frankly, that's a relief since we all know that noone blows up a plane with materials on their person; the bombs are actually slipped on board via the beverage cart in at least 80% of movies.

3. "Macariola also said that “this whole thing is blown out of proportion. No word can described the damage it has done to my name. It has destroyed my world.”

Ah yes, those old proportions are at it again. While every travelling America is suffering the fascist ridicule of a fucktarded physical security program - no doubt to become even more fucktard should the Repiblican Empire lose this years votes for Lesser Deities - an article appears about someone taking live explosives onto a plane and shocks the world. That is just blowing it completely out of proportions. That's nowhere near as bad as say, an expert in explosives detection who apparently doesn't understand the difference between x-ray detection and nitro detection.

4. "The Inquirer story did not mention his name. It was, in fact, security officials who had revealed his identity to reporters."


So here we have this great article trying to backstep out of the "holy shit the Phillipine airports are amazingly unsafe" rep originally created, only to serve as further confirmation that Phillipine airports are amazingly unsafe. As if you didn't know.


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