Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Former CyberTerrorism Czar: " Well duh".

[I found this note I had written last August. I don't know why I didn't post it then, but it deserves to be stated]

Richard Clarke, now no longer attempting to find life after government service by proseletyzing the concept of a "Digital Pearl Harbor" has moved on to a new tide in attempting self-promotion-without-actually-having-done-anything-to-promote. He is now promoting his lateless ramblings by riding the "Obvious Statements About the Current Administration" bandwagon as documented in this article:

Former Cyberterrorism Czar: 'Bush Doesn't Get It'

Well duh. Bush doesn't get it.

The article brings great points, such as how a) the talk was really about how Clarke knows best and he told the President so years ago and everyone should b) buy his latest ramblings.

Other highlights include the need for "more use of encryption" and "better authentication of users". Not to be outdone, Clarke also mentioned the need for bug free software, demonstrating the sheer prowess he has

personally, I'm still awaiting the Digital Pearl Harbor. I can't wait for a life without cellphones and email.


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