Thursday, June 16, 2005

It All Starts with Physical Security

" November 18, 2004

[ yes, I know I'm late, bugger off ]

Dear Customer:

As you probably know, Education Loan Processing Inc. ("ELP"). services your loan on behalf of xxxx University ("xxx"). Like most financial companis, xxx works with others to rpovide various administrative services required for student loan processing, and to evaluate transactions relating to your loan. Brazos Higher Education Servcies Corporation, Inc ("Brazos") is one of the companies that xxx works with on your student loans. In so doing, Brazos sometimes possesses personal information about you.

While Brazo has many security measure in place [ yeah, right ] to safeguard the privacy of borrower information provided to it, we have been advised by Brazos that a laptop computer owned by Brazos possibly containing personal information about certain loan accounts (including your account) has been reported stolen. Brazos has further advised that they are not aware that any such information has been accessed or used inappropriately. However, since this situation may have allowed access to personal information associated with your student loan, possibly including your name, address, social security number and loan balance, they have requested that we provide you this notice on their behalf. "

//TODO: Send email asking why customer data was on a laptop, and posing leading questions regarding the encryption of said stolen volume (just to hear them hem and haw and finally admit the volume wasn't encrypted at all. )

//TODO: Ask precisely what information of mine was on the laptop. If they don't know, or say that it *may* have contained my information, ask if I could review their data tracking documents "because I'm sure that a company dealing with consumer credit data has procedures to track the transfer and existence of key data right ? " . Again, just to hear them squeel.


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