Friday, December 30, 2005

The offending extensions: PGP 8.1

After disabling and enabling extensions for the last half hour I finally figured out what has made my computer run like molasses for the last 6 months. All this time I figured I needed to rebuild it (which is why it's been like this forever; I don't have time to rebuild my bread and butter machine ... tons of stuff on it) and it turns out all it was that was basically ruining MY ENTIRE SYSTEM was this one extension.

Since it's a system extension it affected everything - how long it took for my Start menu to open, how long it took Explorer to enumerate things.

It's amazing how much faster my system is now; even logging in takes less time than before. I think more folkz need to know about shell extensions and how they can completely bog down your entire system ... look for a paper soonish-like.


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