Monday, May 01, 2006

The B3atles Were Hax0rs

They were singing about SQL Injection, and like encryption and stuff way back in the 70's but they were like so tot4lly 3l337 that they were like just singing about it and noone figured out all the hax and stuff th3y were d0ing. Ch3ck it:

"Your outsides are in, and your insides are out." Ha ! I love this one. Paul like obvi0usly just pl0wn3d someone's datab4se, and he's like actually SINGING about it ! And th3n he's all taunt1ng and stuff, l1k3 "Everybody's got something to hide except for me and my monkey" oh so tru3 and h0w sweet he's just like "dud3 I h4v3 y0ur d4tab4s3 and l1k3 ev3n my m0nk3y c0uld do it" ! And h0w l337 is hav1ng a m0nk3y ! w00t.


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