Thursday, August 10, 2006

Backs up from stranger, bumps into wall.

Session Start (ImNotAHaxorD00d:999www): Thu Aug 10 16:16:21 2006
[16:16] 999www: better
[16:16] ImNotAHaxorD00d: yep tx
[16:17] 999www: got the debrief from [person] about the [place] in vegas
[16:17] ImNotAHaxorD00d: it was excellent.
[16:17] 999www: nice!
[16:17] 999www: who'se your daddy?
[16:17] 999www: lol
[16:17] ImNotAHaxorD00d: i'm free now if you want to call.
[16:17] 999www: yeah
[16:17] ImNotAHaxorD00d: Uhm... and don't ask me who's your daddy again.


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