Sunday, June 26, 2005

Errant Logos

Or .... "Marketing Efforts Gone Slightly Askew"

I hate the use of little padlock images on sites and the use of the phrase "secure server" because they're such overstatements of what assurance SSL actually provides.

Well now there's something else popping up that's an improvement of the old padlock: a Scan Alert "hacker safe" logo. Click the logo and it takes you to their site that tells you how they scan for all the FBI / SANS vulnerabilities every day, then a bunch of hype ( and remember, the SANS is only a top 20.) Of course, no mention of web application scanning right - even though they mention Visa and Visa's PCI is clear about web app requirements - they only talk about known vulnerabilities. I'm not knocking them ... I think what they're doing is good, cause anything extra helps, and it takes a lot of water to rise a tide.

But then I realized why there's no mention of any web app sec on there.
They're protecting me, my line of work, and others like me. No seriously, sounds ridiculous, but it's right in their marketing logo.

I use Scan Alert because it keeps me safe.


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