Friday, December 30, 2005

I Don't Get To Announce

Unfortunately, I don't always get to announce the vulns I find. For some reason I prefer just to contact the folks and get it fixed. Sometimes I wish I could bring myself to just publicly announce though, cause then I could be all cool and do things like refer to myself with a handle or nickname (my handle is N074H4x0r btw; and yeah it's meant to be a joke).

I did recently find major major vulns in two sites that are probably amongst the 100 most popular sites list; and both were ecoms. One of them most of the US would recognize immediately, the other one pretty much everyone in the world knows and is very heavily adertised in multiple medias. This isn't anything new or anything; I've busted into all sorts of systems (legally folkz, legally ... ) but these in particular are such well known sites I wish I could scream it from the mountains.

I'm quietly getting them fixed behind the scenes though, so the world will never know.
+1 for world, -1 for my 'leet hax0r' personna


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