Sunday, May 07, 2006

But Seriously, They Won't.

[22:51] yyyyyyy: heh i have an '02 elantra
[22:51] yyyyyyy: the new ones look a bit dif
[22:51] yyyyyyy: better
[22:51] yyyyyyy: but ive been happy with it as a cheapo car
[22:52] xxxx: yeah they're a great price !
[22:52] xxxx: besides really all i'm ever going to do is drive around the beltway and stuff , like haul the midgets and kayak
[22:52] yyyyyyy: heh how many midgets do you have
[22:52] xxxx: well it varies from 3 to anywhere near 10 sometimes.
[22:53] xxxx: it all depends on how much whipped cream i can get.
[22:53] yyyyyyy: wtf
[22:53] xxxx: well they don't dance for free you know


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