Friday, December 21, 2007

Best iPhone Mod Yet

The more I search the iPhone, the even stronger my convictions become that:

1. the iPhone does less than my current phone but is prettier (i've always preferred brains over beauty, or at least pretty over prissy)

2. Apple is now officialy evil. Or at least "The Man".

I won't go into details on this now, but anyone who has scrutinized the phone in detail; it's poor messaging capabilities, Apple's reaction to 'hackers' (what the rest of the world calls 'programmers' ) , the pay-full-price-and-still-need-a-two-year-plan-to-unbrick-it, the crappy network performance from the mandatory AT&T plan... will realize that the iPhone is not only a poor device itself, but the yellow sputum of Apple evil.

Still, there are some great uses for the iPHone IF you can modify it in the right way.

And HERE is the best iPhone mod I've ever seen.


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