Monday, January 30, 2006

No I won't fix your computer ....

Ok, so you know how folks in the computer industry are constantly getting asked to fix their friends and family's computers ? Like to the point where people now have t-shirts that say "No I Won't Fix Your Computer".

Well, I get this call while I'm at a airport from my brother-in-law. He leaves a voicemail saying he needs help with his computer, so I call him back. Now mind you, he's about my age, very church going, a father of 4, and extremely conservative. But he didn't want help *fixing* a computer .... oh no, quite the contrary.

Me: "Hey it's me returning your call"
Him: "Oh hey I need help with a computer at work."
Me: "ok"
Him: " Is there anything you can do that would break a computer."
Me: " Well, yeah. Try formatting the disk for starts."
Him: " No, I mean something that would like permanently destroy it, so they'd have to completely replace it with a new one."
Me: "Wow. That whole church thing's just a cover isn't it."

Anyhow, a couple days later and a swipe of scissors across the mainboard while still powered, and his coworker gets the new computer. I'm now convinced he's at least quasi-evil.


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