Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Man versus Honda.

Things I've recently learned:
  • If you're having trouble getting the rotor and hub back on the axle, pound on the rotor, not the lugs.
  • An impact wrench is pretty much the only way to remove the master axle nut.
  • '92 Accord hubs are pressed in.
  • This means that when you're trying to remove the rotors (say, to get to the lugs) it's a pain in the ass just to get to the point where you realize you can't remove the rotors.
  • the hub nuts are 12pt 10mm. You can get the socket at Sears. Not that it matters. You won't be removing the hubs. You may think you will be, but you won't.
  • And the lugnuts ? Dealer only. No AEM carries the lugs with the built in washers to hold the plastic wheel cover on.


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