Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Access Denied/ Forbidden / HTTP 500 Errors

If you recently came to my blog and saw messages like this, you may have been worried. I know many people rely on my blog for their daily dose of reassurance; a little cup full of warm tea in this wintry cold land of reality.

Frankly, I thought Google had finally "caught" me. I'm using Caught tongue in cheek here; sure I have script on this site, none of it's maliscious (a single alert box). Believe it or not, I actually told Google security about it last summer. Their response was that they know they have work to do on this site, but that's why the authentication domain is different from the hosting domain. I guess malcode sites don't upset them or something. Who knows.

So to be honest, I freaked. A buddy of mine told me the site was broken, and I was getting FORBIDDEN's on every blogger site I went to. I assumed they killed my blog and starting dropping my IP. After all, this blog uses words like "hacker" and "bomb" and "hip-hop" ; certainly reasons for fear. I went to work quickly. I discovered a way to access the content - I thought I had found a way "around" their "block" - and went to start mirroring my content off, only to find a full drive. No worries, that's why I had just purchased an external drive !! Quickly I assemble it and start moving content off. Ha !! I'm saving my blog now and then


i read http://status.blogger.com. Turns out there were having all sorts of issues doing the transitions from "old blogger" to "new blogger". That's all.

No drama. They didn't didn't shut down my blog, they didn't blog my IP. They had good old fashioned technical trouble.

You can rest easy now. They still can't catch me. Never gonna find me. Never gonna know that I'm not a hacker. It's okay now; you can crawl out from under your desk.

No, browse on, and enjoy.


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