Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Want to Believe ...

... in Apple, but I just can't. This little company that went from counter-culturalist fight-the-power marketing strategy to "the man" the second they got a measure of market share is now completely losing it's eye on technology.

Following a fascinating trail from Engadget, I ended up on the Apple site to see what an iPhone outside of Walmart (whose internal employee-only purchase pilots commence today). Oh look, they have "apps". More like useless little crudlet timewasters, but let's see what else they have .... click the link, and what the fuck ? It opens iTunes. Then, wait for it, iTunes opens the iTunes Store.

Sorry, but A web page loading a client app that loads a web page is retarded.

And for Pete's sake, why do they take their dung-worthy iTunes UI and insist on flinging it all over their website too ?


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